City of Appleton Unemployment Relief Department

The City of Appleton issued scrip for use by its Unemployment Relief Department.  It was paid out to those who did work for the City as part of the Relief Program.  The scrip was issued in denominations ranging from $.05 to $5.00.

The first $1,700.00 was issued on May 19, 1933.  A total of $16,000.00 was printed.  The scrip could only be used to buy supplies from the Relief Department.  It was not accepted by local merchants or by the City for taxes.

Those on the Relief Program were not happy with the limited acceptance of the scrip. They complained that the food and goods in the relief store were of low quality. They attempted to strike and demanded pay part in cash and part in scrip. The city refused their request and advised that those who refused to work would receive no assistance.

The majority of the scrip was destroyed by burning on April 2, 1935.

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