Racine Labor Exchange

A barter exchange was opened in Racine on March 13, 1933. It was based on the Organized Unemployed, Inc. exchange located in Minneapolis. An article in the Racine Journal-Times explained its operation:

Primarily this is a barter and trade organization, founded for the sole purpose of creating work and self-help. The association will handle farm products and other foods, clothing, shoes, furniture, and do carpenter work, painting, paper-hanging, decorating, and every other thing possible to get men back to work.

For labor done or goods delivered the association will give a duplicate credit certificate to the effect that you are entitled to so much in the association’s warehouses.

Each and every one signing up as a member will give his full name and address (telephone, if any); and also state whether skilled or unskilled, married or single, specifying your trade, your skill or profession. The success of this undertaking depends entirely on the co-operation given and should meet the generous response.

The exchange had $16,000.00 in scrip printed. The scrip was backed by the commodities brought to the exchange by members. No examples of the scrip are known.

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