City of Delavan

According to the March 9, 1933 edition of the Delavan Enterprise, the City of Delavan issued municipal orders to meet city obligations.  The orders were issued in a single denomination of $1.00 and circulated for approximately two weeks before they were redeemed.  The amount issued is not known.

No examples of the Delavan municipal orders are known at this time.

Bradley Knitting Company

The Bradley Knitting Company was one of the largest employers in Delavan.  The company usually paid its employees by check.  The payroll checks for the March 3, 1933 payroll could not be cashed by the employees because the company’s money was tied up in banks subject to the state banking moratorium.  The company subsequently issued scrip backed by its bank deposits for cashing the payroll checks.  The payroll amounted to more than $12,000.00.  The scrip is dated March 3, 1933 but was not actually issued until March 8.  Although the scrip had a redemption date of September 1, 1933, most of the scrip was redeemed by the end of March 1933.

The $1.00 note shown above is the only example of the Bradley Knitting Company scrip known.  The March 9, 1933 edition of the Delavan Enterprise indicates higher denominations were issued but these denominations are not identified.

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