Wisconsin Depression Scrip

I started researching Wisconsin Depression Scrip in about 2006 with the intention of writing a book. I completed a significant amount of research by 2008 when my oldest son was born. The project was put on hold as other priorities got in the way.

Rather than complete the manuscript I have decided to put up this website. Every numismatic author will tell you that books are not money makers so I have no hesitation putting this information online.

There is still work to be done particularly with the large issues from Milwaukee and Superior. Information about the scrip from Merrill and Kenosha has been difficult to locate.

This site is not intended as a numismatic catalog in that there are no prices or rarity scales. I refer the reader to The Standard Catalog of Depression Scrip by Ralph Mitchell and Neil Shafer for pricing although that volume is over 30 years old. The reference numbers listed are from that catalog.

The site is organized by city in the menu at left. There is also a brief introduction to Depression Scrip in the menu at the top. There will be some downloadable documents in the page on Wisconsin Bank Scrip. These documents will contain serial number data for issuing banks and specimen sets which does will be difficult to display based on the editor I have chosen.

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